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  • What hit me first was the sheer magnitude of the park. I don’t know what  I was expecting, it was like a gigantic theme park with the most beautiful stadiums and buildings built upon hobbit land of grassy hills and endless coats of flower beds, it was really spectacular!

    We performed in what can only be described as a massive egg (videos coming soon from Emerging Icons) the acoustics in this shell like stage was the best I have EVER experienced as a performer, the band and I were staring at eachother gawping at the clarity. We spent our day walking miles and miles round and round the village, visited Europe’s Biggest Maccy D’s (obviously) then felt dirty afterwards. After doing 3 sets in the egg to varying crowds in the sunshine, we headed over to the media centre and played a long set in an open aired decking area in the press tent. A hop and a sprint to the hills, curry and vino in hand and we literally just managed to watch Ussain bolt it down the track to win a gold. A great day, cream cracked today but was a fantastic experience shared with equally awesome friends :-D

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