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  • Luke and I wrote our first song together Saturday night! Quite a big deal for me as I’m usually pretty rubbish at collaborating because I’m such a control freak and possessive of my ideas, but with Luke it was a piece of cake. I took inspiration from his boy meets girl story which was a welcome relief from the songs coming out of me of late to say the least! I was pretty determined to write a Happy love song, a  Country-esque RnB smash hit that will be played at peoples weddings in years to come and I am 78% sure we did, It’s called ‘Wait for me’ and you will hear it later this year. To celebrate this successful collab, we went out and caused some horrific chaos on the streets of Weybridge. It involved the strongest long island ice teas known to mankind, an almost punch up and fake names. Long live the gay best friend. Okay he’s not gay but he could definitely pull it off :-p

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