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Brighton gig

Brighton chaps! I’ll be performing a special intimate show with some other fantastic local acts on FRIDAY APRIL 25th at 8pm. Tickets can be bought i advance for here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/269248 or on the door. All ages, really want to meet some of you… So Don’t miss out! x

Empower young women event- UPDATE

Hi Girls

I want to thank anyone who emailed us about the empower young women event I was hoping to do this Summer. It has proved extremely difficult to get funding and  find a date this summer where all the speakers I had booked are available. I have some big personal plans later this year as well so it might be…that it’s something to do when I have a bigger profile, so I can reach more young girls. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and if it’s not going to be great, I’d rather hold fire… For now, just know, that I got your emails, I’m so grateful for your support, your ideas and they are all still issues that are and will remain incredibly close to my heart and soul.

For now, I think just talking about the issues on my blog, and opening up the dialogue to hear people’s stories around the world is a good starting point- I won’t stop doing that. Thank you for sharing some of your stories with me as well.

It’s amazing hearing how some of you have overcome your personal battles, [with school, family, how you feel about yourself, your image, boyfriends, girlfriends, questions you have about your community, your passions, your ambitions, your choices and dreams for the future…] I just wanted to say, that it is an ongoing process. You don’t wake up at 18,21,25,30 or even 65 and have it all figured out, anyone who claims to have their life 100% together is a liar terrified of being found out. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, or what they think of you. The only thing that matters….. is finding a way to be content and grateful with what you have and always strive to give a little bit more love back into the world. I am living, breathing proof that life is not perfect, we don’t always get what we want, or what we thought we deserved or what we dream of. That said- it aint over, till it’s over. You only truly fail when you stop trying.

You lot inspire me to keep reaching for my dreams. Thank you. Back to the dark dingy bunker I go, creating new music for you to enjoy, trying to make a tiny difference and be heard through the crowd….XxX

Lots of love



Gigs! Come to one!