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Jun 16, 2014 / 12 notes
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Where The Wild Things Go

I want to forget
What I am compelled to remember
The lies born from imaginations
That are not mine

I want to take my faded hopes
My jaded heart
And leave them wrapped in a bundle
At the foot of my bed

I want to lie clothed
But be bare
Under a sea of stars
That whisper my name

I want to taste the breeze
And outrun the wind
Until I am certain
That freedom is mine

I want to seek all the colours
That are not found on the rainbow
And ask if they too
Feel bright and loved

I want to roam to the place
Where the wild things go
Into the forest of dreams
Under the blanket of clouds

I want to free fall into the abyss
To see if the depths claim me
Or if I can rise up
Changed and reborn

I want to know the coldest day of winter
So that I better understand
Why the summer sun
Steals the dew from the dawn

I want to wrap myself in the tears
Of a thousand raging storms
Without moving to shelter
From their crying heart

I want to hold hands
With old souls that inspire me
With young ghosts that have left me
With strangers I know

I want to wake with lions
And talk in a language
That is not studied or skilled
But primal and true

I want to stand tall
With my arms open wide
At the centre of the earth
And see if heaven feels closer

I want to fly untethered
Above rivers and streams
Water glimmering beneath me
As I dive and soar

I want to untangle the web
That is woven around me
So I can run to the place
Where the wild things go

Summer is coming
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Summer is coming

Sal, we gotta go and never stop going till we get there.”
“Where we going, man?”
“I don’t know but we gotta go.
On the Road by Jack Kerouac
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Find someone who calls you out on your shit

I appreciate I’ve been a bit slack with blogging this year, apart from pics I s’pose. In truth, I have not felt like sharing too much.

I hope this year is treating you all very well so far?

So onto the title….and hopefully you can relate it to your own journey….One of the best decisions I ever made was living with my best friend. Pretty much everyone thought it was a disaster of a 15 year friendship waiting to happen coz we can seriously ‘clash’. I never argue with friends, ever, but have had storming rows with her. Anyway, we did it, we lived together for a year and a half,  we’re now as good as sisters and the best part ?[other than her unconditional support and care for me and visa versa] she calls me out on my shit.

We all need someone who does that. She is that person for me. She does not let me get away with ANY bullshit. Because of her, I am a little lighter in spirit, I go with the flow more, I am a little more spontaneous and I dropped my quick judgments of people. Harsh judgments of myself too- we all do the best we can with what we know at the time.

What I will always remember is that we laughed every god damn day. So yeh…. if you can, find someone who calls you out on your shit and someone you can laugh with- be it a friend or a partner [hopefully both!] Makes this nutty ride a bit easier eh!

Wishing you all a sensational bank holiday weekend.


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May 21, 2014
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Creamy coffees in the Sunday markets aka weekend bliss :-) x
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Creamy coffees in the Sunday markets aka weekend bliss :-) x

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