Off to Milan
Oh Shit!
From Brighton, with love.

After a frustrating 9 hour session in the studio in arse end of North London on Saturday, I woke up yesterday deflated & pissed off. I knew 2 of my closest Uni friends were hanging out in Brighton, I looked outside my window- First sunny day of 2014 where I’m not working- Let’s go! I text them “Sea Front, Fortune of War, pitcher of Pimms, 2 hours. X”  Needless to say it was an exceptional day. I took my guitar and trudged through the lanes at snail pace with the crowds taking in old memories of gigs at Komedia, getting my nose pierced [a rash decision haha!] Pints of cider at the White Rabbit, my one and only shift at Coalition, Sticky wooden floors, street performers, Seagulls. I have so much love for Brighton & am always so happy there, it’s the soulfulness of its residents, the character, the sea and the friendships awaiting me with open arms. My parents were visiting my Godmother in Hove so I dropped in with salty hair and warm skin and we toasted the day, as the orange sun melted behind the waves. See you Soon Barry! X

Hell Yes! It’s all about perspective innit.
I love pancakes so much!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to make loads tomorrow!!! eek…strawberries & maple syrup!!!!
Had a fantastic time with close family and friends performing to nearly 1,000 people at the Natural History Museum tonight. Incredible venue and so fun so be in the presence of those massssssive dinosaur skeletons! Really fun to perform some new material on guitar too. It’s scary not being behind the piano but hey, playing it safe never interested me much anyways!
Have a wonderful weekend all X
change and cycles

Winter was kind to us this time round. January and February have slid past me almost unnoticed. I have not minded the dark evenings and the relentless rain. I’ve always taken comfort in the water. As  trees and buds prepare to bloom new life I’m reminded of all the possibility Spring holds. Life is good, my state of mind has altered and that has changed, well…. everything. I say goodbye to Brixton and say hello to something else.

Folks, it is time for a new chapter. Am so excited for the next couple of months, can’t wait to share my plans with you all. It’s been a really creative time for me the last few months, learning guitar has caused a dam to burst. Creativity and inspiration seems to come round in 2.5 year cycles for me and it’s been interesting to chart. Autumn/Spring 2006….Summer 2009….Winter 2012….SPRING 2014.

"Nothing happens until the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change”- T.R

First TV Sync placement!!!

Very happy to announce I have landed my first ever TV sync placement! ‘All These Days’ will feature in EMMERDALE on March 12th. I think the show is about farmers? Anyway, this is an extra pleasant piece of news because it is apparently quite rare for a music supervisor to select a track from an unknown artist [let alone one with no label or management backing] so yes. Horray and tune in for larks!

Photo Cred: http://www.markcoxphoto.com
Live at the Leeds cockpit January 2014
Such a GREAT day in Devon!!! X

Back in the summer, Elissa Franceschi came down to devon and she was so lovely :)))) my friend brought a Polaroid camera

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